Meet Nicole

I love to write. It’s simple. I love to write fiction and escape into a whole other world. I love to create characters that are ready to jump out of the pages. I love to explore the darkest parts of these characters and make them develop in a way they never could’ve imagined. I love to write about matters that affect us each and every day. I love to write about the bestselling novels that’ll make you sink into your couch. I love to write about the latest fashion trends and what people are not wearing this season. I love to write about the complexity of mental health conditions. I love to write about the stigma we still face today. I love to write. It’s simple.

Whatever the topic, whatever the genre, I’m ready to face the challenge. From raising awareness on serious matters to listing binge-worthy TV show recommendations. From rom-com novels to fantasy short stories, I love to cover it all.

Anyone can write, but to be a writer is not easy. You need to be able to criticise your own work, take feedback from others on board, not be attached to your words and know when to use the delete button. You need to know how to hook readers in from the very beginning, adapt to different language based on the audience, and know the right tools to use to create an engaging piece. Every story or article written is completely different and every new project is a challenge – this is why I love what I do.